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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is a non-profit industry association which comprises Japan's fourteen manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. The JAMA USA office is located in Washington, D.C.


August 15 2014

Aug 15 2014

Press Releases

New Data Shows Japanese Auto Industry U.S. Employment Contributes to 1.36 Million American Jobs

Jobs Originating from Japanese-Branded Automakers Grew in Each of Last Two Years – More than 10% Growth since 2011

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August 12 2014

Aug 12 2014

News & Insights

Bloomberg BNA: Increase in Allowance for Simplified Entry of U.S. Cars Into Japan at Issue in TPP Talks

U.S.-Japan Bilateral Talks on Trade in Motor Vehicles Key Development: U.S. seeks to lower Japanese nontariff barriers.

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July 1 2014

Jul 1 2014

Press Releases

Japanese Auto Industry Investment in U.S. Increased to More Than $40 Billion

Recent data shows Japanese auto industry continues to stimulate U.S. economic growth

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